WBW 2021 – Protect Breastfeeding; A shared responsibility

It is World Breastfeeding Week 2021! You know, that 7-day period from 1st to 7th of August every year where we try to restore breastfeeding to it’s place of pride and former glory. Technically, this post started during WBW last year. That is to say, I had the idea to write something in August last […]

Why are we ashamed of a little blood?

Menstruation is monthly vaginal bleeding, as part of a woman’s normal reproductive cycle. For a physiologic body function over which women and girls have no control, there is an awful amount of shame and stigma that they have been socialized to experience and internalize regarding periods. My earliest memories of periods are tinged with a […]

Frank Conversations: Judith’s Surrogacy Journey

Hello everyone! How have you been? Keeping safe in these uncertain times? So, I’m trying out something new on the blog – more like an expansion of what is currently available. I’m thinking of a series of frank conversations with people on health-related issues – to put real faces and voices to the topics discussed […]

The Doctor/Patient Pinocchio relationship and the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a long established fact that patients lie to their doctors. These untruths may range from minor omissions, probably due to not recognizing the import of that ‘little’ experience they are not reporting, to outright lies in response to direct questioning. As a medical student, and later a house officer, there was nothing as […]

COVID-19 and the 6 degrees of separation; #TheCOVIDDiaries

6 degrees of separation refers to the idea that between individuals, there are six social connections or less. That if you pick any two random people on earth, they are separated by six social connections or less. Also called the ‘Six Handshakes rule’, the idea was originally propounded by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, and popularized […]

Of Medical Snake Oil Salesmen; The Long Reach Of Longrich.

The current economic crunch in the country means that almost everyone is after an alternative source of income. This has led to a proliferation of all sorts of legal, semi-legal and downright illegal businesses. One business seems to have caught on like a rash in Nigeria is Multi-level Marketing. In Nigeria, MLM occurs in all […]

make we plan am well

If you love life, you go plan am well! If you love me, you go wait for me. Having babies no be joke o You go feed, give them cloth, give them love too If you never ready to carry the load Why put am for another person head Many pre-90’s and 90’s children who […]

Crowdsourcing health needs; do you treat your

We’ve all experienced this in one way or another; you’re on a Whatsapp group or Facebook page (usually one to which you have been added without your permission! :I ), minding your business, when someone comes and posts: Hey guys, so the other day, I noticed **** in my body. What could it be? How […]


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